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Nia Impact Solutions Fund

Invest with your values.
Invest for the planet.

  • Net Asset Value Date08/16/22
  • Net Asset Value$11.10
  • TypeActive Equity Mutual Fund
  • Typical Number of Holdings45-50
  • CUSIP90386K878
  • Inception DateMay 10, 2022
Mutual Fund Objective

NIAGX: Investing with Purpose

The Nia Impact Solutions Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in companies that contribute towards advancements in the areas of diversity and inclusion, sustainability and/or social justice.

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Matrix Trust Company

Northern Trust




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How to invest in NIAGX

1. Fill out account application below.


2. Mail or Fax account application to the Fund :



Nia Impact Solutions Fund

P.O. Box 46707

Cincinnati, OH 45246-0707


Overnight Mail:

Nia Impact Solutions Fund C/O Ultimus Fund Solutions

225 Pictoria Drive,

Suite 450

Cincinnati, OH 45246


Fax: 877-513-0756


3. Fund the account with a check, wire or ACH.


Mail a check with the application
Contact the Fund’s toll free phone number (833) 571-2833 for assistance with bank instructions for wire or ACH

See you later

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